Celtic Cherokee
Harry Potter Scarves FAQ


  • LOOKING FOR SCARVES? All scarves are listed HERE!
  • DON’T QUESTION MY WON’T-DO LIST. IT’S RUDE. My time belongs to me. I have a child and a husband who need my attention more than the internet or any fandom, let alone fandoms I don’t participate in.
  • WON’T SHOW UP? If you’ve placed a scarf on your Tumblr, and the scarf isn’t displaying after you’ve saved, but the text is, then the scarf isn’t compatible with your current Tumblr theme. One or the other will need to go. There is no editing this coding to fit into a Tumblr theme that doesn’t display it automatically, I’m sorry. The issue lies with Tumblr on this particular problem. Some of their themes are not particularly HTML friendly!
  • HOW DO I USE THEM? “Select all” from the text box of your choice. Copy and paste the coding into an HTML-friendly editing field (profile page, userinfo, or Tumblr’s “Customize" section). Save your changes and check for any errors.
  • Twilight…? Never. gonna. happen.
  • WHAT THEME ARE YOU USING? I use Redux by Jacob, and it is fully compatible with scarves. :D
  • DONATIONS? I accept them - information can be found here. Thanks!
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